Frequently Asked Questions

What items can be sent on the Economy service?

Most items can be sent on our Economy Service, providing they are non hazardous, dry and will fit into one of our vans. We mainly ship items of furniture, fragile products and anything that is too large to be sent through the parcel system.

The item i want to have delivered is very heavy – How do you cope with this?

All our collections and deliveries are single manned. In most instances, our drivers can manage heavy items using a tail lift, trolley and strapping, however, for large and bulky items or exceptionally heavy items, you will need to ensure there is able man power or lifting equipment such as a fork lift truck to assist our driver at both addresses.

There is no help to load at the collection address.. Can we still use this service? Do you operate a 2 man service?

If the item you would like collection is too large or heavy for our driver to collect on his own and there is no help for him, then we would recommend that you upgrade to a Two Manned Service. This service is restricted to a 100 mile radius of our depot in Alton, Hampshire but please contact us as we may still be able to cover further afield.

I want my item collected or delivered to a 5th floor flat – is this possible?

All collections and deliveries are “to the kerbside” only, however, our drivers are very helpful and are prepared to help if they feel it is safe to do so. It must be pointed out that they are not obligated to do so and that it is down to the drivers discretion on the day.

When can you deliver my item? Can you give me a date and time now?

We cannot offer a date and time for a collection or delivery that has not been ordered and paid for. Due to the nature of our business, no week or day is ever the same as some weeks we may have 20 orders for Scotland, others we have none. Every week is a different week, so we cannot plan ahead until we know the confirmed orders and their locations. We plan our routes on the Thursday afternoon of every week. We then call everybody over the weekend to advise on the dates and times.

My order must be collected in two days time.. Is this possible?

Not normally on the Economy Service – Because we group deliveries together into different areas, this can take 3 – 14 working days. Although we can do our best to try and help if there are any cancellations.  For the more urgent deliveries, you may need to use our “Dedicated service”

My item can only be collected at the weekend – can you do this?

The Economy service runs between 08:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday. Because many businesses we deliver to are closed, we do not normally deliver on the weekend apart from in and around the M25 and in London. However, you can still have your item collected or delivered on a weekend using the “Dedicated service”For deliveries in and around the M25, we do offer a Saturday collection / delivery for no extra charge.

I would like a quote but i`m not sure where my item comes on your price list?

No problem, simply fill out the quote request form and we will email a quote to you. You can of course call us on 01420 587800

I want to place an order but don`t want to pay by credit card…

If you cannot pay by credit card we also accept PayPal. When you fill in our order line booking form, this will take you straight to PayPal. You can also opt to pay cash on delivery if this is easier for you and a receipt will be given by the driver

If I give you money upfront, will you pay the seller of the goods cash on collection?

Sadly not – Due to being defrauded in the past we will no longer get involved with 3rd party cash transactions. You will need to pay your seller first before we can collect.

I`ve just placed my order.. Now what happens?

All orders received are processed for scheduling. We will throughout the course of the week group your collection and delivery with others in the same areas. Once this is complete, we will then call you and the other party advising them of the date and time (two hour time slot) of the collection and delivery. Schedules are normally completed on a Thursday afternoon. We then call both collection & delivery parties on the Friday to advise on the dates and times.

Its now 5 days since I have placed my order.. I`ve not heard anything yet?

Don`t worry, we have not forgotten about you! Some collections and deliveries take longer than others. Our aim is to collect and deliver your item within 14 days of your order, however, for more remote areas or in busy times, this can take slightly longer.

What is your wrapping Service and how does it work?

Our Wrapping service can be used when it is not possible for the goods to be packaged by the seller of the item. On arrival, Our driver uses a very strong durable polythene wrap to cover your item to help protect it from getting marked or scratched. It is then blanketed in furniture blankets for a double protection. The service costs start at £10.00 + VAT which will cover up to 3 items. Although it is highly recommended, this service is optional.


Most asked question – What is classed as Sufficient packaging to qualify for your insurance cover?

You need to protect your item as best you can. Several layers of bubblewrap and double walled cardboard sheeting all around the item is essential. You should ensure you protect any corners or sharp edges with foam.  All areas of the item must be protected fully. Glass, ceramics and breakables are not covered by insurance whether they are packaged or not. Please note that our optional Wrapping Service does not come under the insurance companies “Sufficient packaging”